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Amtrak Writers Residency

Goethe was right: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

As I've committed myself to establishing my literary career, forces converge to bring me new opportunities.

A coworker -- Andrea Avni, the eagle-eyed librarian at our public agency -- recently turned me on to the #AmtrakResidency program. It gives writers around the country the opportunity to take a weekend or weeklong trip on the train and write to our soul's delight.

Imagine hunkering down with a good book -- your own -- with fingers flying as spectacular scenery streams past. Nirvana!

The truth is, I can write anywhere. I typically do most of my writing at home, since I have easy access to my stereo, refrigerator, and tea (copious amounts of tea). I do have favorite espresso shops I visit during the week, when I'm on lunch break from my day gig, but on weekends it's home for me. (It takes up to an hour to dress, pack healthy snacks, walk to a coffee shop, order, and hook up my laptop -- time that could be better spent writing.)

The thought of shifting venues and being on a train sounds like great fun. I've taken the Amtrak Cascades to Portland, Oregon several times, and the Empire Builder to Whitefish, Montana (when COCOA MARTINI had a series of shows there) and Leavenworth, Washington (stunning ride).

The #AmtrakResidency would take the route to Leavenworth and beyond. Whether a winter or summer program, it promises a lovely view and a time of great focus. Wish me luck!

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