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Dear Members of the U.S. Senate:



Please DO NOT CONFIRM Rex Tillerson for U.S. Secretary of State.


Apart from my concern over Mr. Tillerson’s remarkable lack of international diplomacy experience, I am alarmed by Mr. Tillerson's deep business ties to Russia.


I am further alarmed — indeed, outraged — by the disrespect President-elect Donald Trump has shown the American people by his willingness to prostitute the Presidency (hawking his hotels and products on; discussing business ventures with heads of state after his election); his amoral disregard for this country’s diplomatic values, standing and future by aligning himself and his cabinet with Russia.


Like Mr. Trump, Mr. Tillerson’s admiration of Vand business dealings with Vladimir Putin are well-documented. Two years ago, Mr. Tillerson was a hair’s breadth away from executing a $500 billion oil and gas drilling deal with Russia — until sanctions imposed by the U.S. in response to Russia’s invasion of Crimea halted that partnership. Those sanctions placed in deep freeze Exxon’s plans for drilling across 230,000 square miles of Arctic seas using technology that Russia reportedly does not own. 


Unsurprisingly, Mr. Tillerson is a critic of U.S. sanctions


Now that Mr. Trump has been elected, in an election in which Russia waged unprecedented cyberwarfare on America to influence the U.S. election, Russia is counting on Mr. Trump to suspend these sanctions.


Mr. Tillerson would serve as America’s deep-pocket ambassador to Russia par excellence.


With regards to how Mr. Tillerson might serve Mr. Trump: I, along with many Americans, am deeply troubled by our President-elect’s numerous conflicts of interests. Given Mr. Trump’s announced plans to maintain his global business investments, I have zero confidence in Mr. Trump’s intention or ability to leverage Mr. Tillerson as Secretary of State in a manner that will serve and protect U.S. interests abroad.


When I consider the double strikes against Mr. Tillerson — his lack of public service experience; his troubling ties to a longstanding global adversary — I simply do not trust him to act in the best interests of the United States. Let’s not be naive: Mr. Tillerson would do what he has always done: build powerful monetary alliances with Russia that undermine America’s diplomatic principles and international standing. 


You cannot allow his nomination to be confirmed. 



Oppose Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State

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