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Executive Leadership, Strategic Communications, Media Relations


My professional work includes senior management and strategic communications positions in the corporate, public and nonprofit sectors. Thirty years of applying my diverse skills sets across a range of industries has honed by ability to identify risks and trends, draw critical parallels between needs and opportunities, and build effective relationships across multiple organizational channels.


My skills sets include:


-  Working with national teams to formulate and execute public relations strategies

-  Serving as media spokewoman for Sound Transit, the Seattle City Council, and Macy's

-  Creating, building and promoting social service programs, from concept and grants procurement to program launch

-  Working with boards of directors and public-elected officials

-  Leading, directing, and supervising staff

-  Developing and delivering management training programs


My positions include:

-  Executive Director, Northwest Women's Law Center

-  Vice President for Corporate Communications & Media Relations, Macy's

-  Strategic Communications Advisor, Seattle City Council

-  Public Information Officer, Sound Transit - Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority

-  Vice President for Programs, Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle

-  Program Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of King County

-  Area Director, Camp Fire Boys & Girls

-  Manager, Stores Executive Training, Macy's

-  Program Manager, Northwest Center Industries


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