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Kimberly Reason is an author and vocalist who is currently seeking representation for her upmarket fiction novel WE ARE THE LOVE GODS. Her short stories have appeared in Voices in the Trees: The Washington Anthology, The Rocket magazine (which awarded her entry third place in a city-wide contest), and The Written Arts, formerly the literary arts magazine for King County.

A regular performer on the Northwest jazz circuit, Kimberly also co-founded the popular Seattle jazz ensemble, COCOA MARTINI, which earned Earshot Jazz Society's Golden Ear award for Northwest Vocalist of the Year.


Kimberly also has a robust public and media relations career that includes cameos on local TV news, on-air radio interviews, and strategy development.


In her free time, Kimberly practices yoga, is active on the Seattle coffee house and restaurant scene, enjoys urban and alpine hikes, and takes a good road trip whenever she can.

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